Delicious Holland Cheese

Natural Ripened Dutch Cheese

About Us

Here at Gonedsa, we are fortunate to have the opportunity of sourcing our milk locally, from various dairies in the Doornkraal Cullinan district. After much fastidious care, we are satisfied that the quality of the milk that we use to produce our cheese compliments our standards of excellence. Our ability to manage and take control of the cold chain ensures that by the time our farm fresh milk enters our facilities, our “labour of love” begins and the milk is turned into our renowned cheese. Our exclusive cheeses are manufactured using the traditional “Ou-Hollandse” style, taught to us by our ancestors.

One of the benefits of producing our cheeses using the traditional “natural ripened Dutch cheese” method (or better described in Netherlands as our “natuurlike aangerypte Hollandse Kaas”) is that we succeed in obtaining the good and natural bacteria that are necessary for the success of the ageing process.

Our “natuurlike aangerypte Hollandse Kaas” dates back to the time when our ancestors in Holland used this method to produce the cheeses that made Holland world famous, for its ability to produce cheeses of the highest quality. The benchmark against which we measure ourselves, are the Connoisseurs that give us regular feedback, as well as the tasting and evaluating of our cheeses from time to time in the heartland of the land of cheese, namely Holland. The fine qualities of the traditional Dutch cheeses can still be found in our cheeses today and the craft of making these is one we cherish for the benefit of our valued clients.

It is therefore, with great pride that we wish introduce to you our range of cheeses.